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Credit Internship - Litigation & Credit Collection


In Hilti we are looking for a brilliant intern to join our Credit Team in the Finance Department.
The internship has the aim to monitor performances and all operative activities which are required to manage in the best way cooperation with external Partner for collection in order to have always “under control” synergy between Hilti/External provider/Customers.
Hilti wants to have best performances of collection but have «guarantee» of best relationship with customers to develop the business.
The resource will have an active role in some of the main Credit Management processes.

The main Purpose will be:
Weekly update of customers positions in order to inform «provider» and stop contacts
Check «provider» feedback in order to manage all feedback from customers (Data Quality changes, complaints)
The assigned tasks, supported by the Credit Team, will be to:

Forwarding of the «selected customers» for external collection …(file excel)
Communication to the «provider» (file excel, emails, phone calls)
Management of contacts with sales force to give appropriate feedbacks for customers
reported (phone calls, emails)
Analysis and management of the feedbacks for positions closed without collection
Opening of complaints in order to speed up issue reported by the customer

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