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Traineeship Program in the Operations Branch

Expertel SA

Depending on your skills and the Program you have chosen you will participate in different Assets development steps: collect information, define requirements, analysis, content creation, UI/UX design, development, configuration, integration, compilation, testing, debugging, documentation, deploying, user training, startup, user support, maintenance, promotion, crowdfunding, selling once the app goes into production and even you will be able to create complementary applications, like databases, functions, AI models, engines, applications, APIs, services, robots and connectors, if you have already or you are willing to develop the required computer programming skills.

We provide solutions applicable to any industry. We are able to not only rectify problems that an organization is having but also significantly improve their operations regardless of the sector they are competing in. We work hard to give you the best out of these concepts: Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Business Process as a Service, Project Management Methodologies, Build Your Own Process.
With people from all over the world, our multicultural working environment allows our members to train, and confront each other, in a variety of areas.